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DIY Cabinet Building: Base Cabinet Assembly

DIY Cabinet Building: Base Cabinet Assembly

If you have questions go to http://www.house-improvements.com – Here's a great how-to video showing you the process for assembling European frameless style base cabinets. This is one of the steps in building your own kitchen cabinets (check out our other videos). Video © 2014 SKS Media.

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How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet with Wickes

How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet

Putting a kitchen cabinet together is now easier than ever because most come ready for assembling. Learn how to build a kitchen cabinet with this step by step guide from one of our Wickes experts.
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In this video our Wickes expert builds a standard kitchen base unit, but the same procedure applies for wall units too. These are the steps to building your kitchen cabinet:
1. First, lay out all the parts on the floor so you can check that you have everything. Keep all of the screws and small parts in the bags or leave them in bowls so they do not spill everywhere.
2. Take one of the side panels and place it with the holes facing up.
3. Screw the four cam studs into the corners of the panel, as specified by the instructions.
4. Place the dowels into the side panel.
5. Place the locking cams into the large holes on the top struts that will form the top of the cabinet.
6. Place locking cams into the holes in the bottom panel as directed in the instructions (make sure the arrows on the locking cam point to the end of the panel).
7. Gently place the struts into side panel, sliding them down onto the dowels and cam studs.
8. Secure all the cam locks, using a screwdriver. Firmly turn them clockwise until they are locked but do not over tighten.
9. Carefully slot the second side panel onto the base panel and top struts, and then secure the cam locks.
10. Slide the back panel into the groove created by the two side panels and the base panel. You can then secure the back panel to the top back strut using the three screws provided.
10. Place the four leg sleeves into the bottom of the base panel, making sure that one of the small overhangs on each supports the side panels.
11. Gently tap in the lugs and secure with screws.
12. Place the four legs into the sleeves and turn the cabinet onto its legs being careful not to put pressure on any of the legs at an angle. To make the cabinet level and the right height you can adjust each individual leg by twisting the base of the leg.

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If you'd like to find out more from Wickes, the order line number is 0330 123 4123

2 Minute Kitchen Cabinet Assembly Cabinet Giant High Quality Kitchen Cabinetry Cheap Prices

Kitchen Cabinet Assembly Kitchen Cabinetry Quick

Curious about just how easy it can be to assemble a cabinet from our Standard Line of cabinetry? Take a couple minutes and well gladly show you. Its so easy you could practically do it in your sleep!
We wanted this video to be as simple as possible. No gimmicks or fancy effects, so that its easy to focus on just how great our cabinets are!
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Kitchen Remodel: Part 8 - Cabinet Install

Kitchen Remodel: Cabinet Install

There was a lot more fitting and fussing with the cabinets to get them into place then I had originally thought. For the most part, these issues were all things I knew about, but had ignored until the last minute. I attached them down to the base and to each other with screws. They are also being held together with the top plate. This helps give the cabinets rigidity and provides a foundation for the countertop.

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Kitchen Remodel: Part 3 – All about that base

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How To Install Base Cabinets (Part 2 of 4).wmv

How To Install Base Cabinets

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Go here to see full length… uninterrupted videos!

Click the "Link" to visit our site. How To Install Base Cabinets is one segment of our video series: How To Install Kitchen Cabinets. Produced by EZ-Level.com… the fastest cabinet leveling system on the planet! Cabinet Levelers. Installing base cabinets. How to level base cabinets. Leveling base cabinets. Cabinet levelers. Install base cabinets.

How to Hang a Kitchen Wall Cabinet

How to Hang Kitchen Wall Cabinets

see more at the RTA Cabinet Mall .com

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner purchase and install a kitchen wall cabinet. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

Shopping List for Hanging a Kitchen Wall Cabinet:
– Kitchen wall cabinet
– 3-inch cabinet screws, used to fasten the cabinet to the wall

Tools List for Hanging a Kitchen Wall Cabinet:
– 4-foot level, used to check for plumb and level alignment
– Stud finder
– Drill/driver
– Tape measure
– Combination bit, used to bore pilot holes
– Cabinet jack, used to support the cabinet

Steps for Hanging a Kitchen Wall Cabinet:
1. Use a 4-foot level to see if the wall is plumb.
2. Mark the locations of the wall studs, then drill a small hole at each mark to confirm the stud locations.
3. Measure from a corner of the wall to the center of each stud, then transfer those dimensions to the back of the cabinet. Be sure to take into account the overhanging face frame.
4. Drill a pilot hole through the back of the cabinet at each stud location.
5. Reach inside the cabinet and hand-thread one 3-inch cabinet screw into each pilot hole.
6. Stand a cabinet jack in place below the cabinet location, then adjust the jack to the proper height.
7. Set the cabinet on top of the jack and press it tight to the wall.
8. Check the cabinet for level, then use a the drill to drive the screws through the upper back of the cabinet and into the wall studs.
9. Drill pilot holes and screw through the bottom of the cabinet, too.
10. Set a glass panel into each door and secure it with screw-on plastic clips.

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Sunset Maple Base Assembly Cabinet Giant High Quality Kitchen Cabinetry  Bathroom Vanity Low Cost

Sunset Maple Base Assembly Kitchen Cabinetry

Curious about just how easy it can be to assemble a cabinet from our Standard Line of cabinetry? Take a couple minutes and well gladly show you. Its so easy you could practically do it in your sleep!
We wanted this video to be as simple as possible. No gimmicks or fancy effects, so that its easy to focus on just how great our cabinets are!
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Fine Classic Style Kitchen Cabinetry

Fine Classical Style Kitchen Cabinetry

A kitchen design with a strong classic style, revives the beauty and warmth of the old kitchens cabinetry.
Kitchen furniture, especially an Italian design in natural color and wood, can convey this “old world” feeling.
Although Italian designer kitchen like this not within everyone’s reach, the theme in general and the colors
can be of great inspiration for choosing new furniture, or simply the change in color of the walls and decor are.

kitchen cabinets
The classic furniture is known for its special antique design, a combination of straight and rounded lines,
some moldings, and the use of natural wood and glass. Many appliance manufacturers among its instruments
with a vintage or antique design that is perfectly suited to this style of cooking products.
This classic style kitchen is ideal for those wishing to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere
in this particular home environment. This is the model as presented by ADI in the “Valley Cinnamon”, delicate lines
and perfect color lacquered finishes bone, but is also available in lighter and darker stains. The birch wood
model provides strong character of wood for the interior.

Kitchen Cabinets, RTA Cabinets