How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet with Wickes

How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet

Putting a kitchen cabinet together is now easier than ever because most come ready for assembling. Learn how to build a kitchen cabinet with this step by step guide from one of our Wickes experts.
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In this video our Wickes expert builds a standard kitchen base unit, but the same procedure applies for wall units too. These are the steps to building your kitchen cabinet:
1. First, lay out all the parts on the floor so you can check that you have everything. Keep all of the screws and small parts in the bags or leave them in bowls so they do not spill everywhere.
2. Take one of the side panels and place it with the holes facing up.
3. Screw the four cam studs into the corners of the panel, as specified by the instructions.
4. Place the dowels into the side panel.
5. Place the locking cams into the large holes on the top struts that will form the top of the cabinet.
6. Place locking cams into the holes in the bottom panel as directed in the instructions (make sure the arrows on the locking cam point to the end of the panel).
7. Gently place the struts into side panel, sliding them down onto the dowels and cam studs.
8. Secure all the cam locks, using a screwdriver. Firmly turn them clockwise until they are locked but do not over tighten.
9. Carefully slot the second side panel onto the base panel and top struts, and then secure the cam locks.
10. Slide the back panel into the groove created by the two side panels and the base panel. You can then secure the back panel to the top back strut using the three screws provided.
10. Place the four leg sleeves into the bottom of the base panel, making sure that one of the small overhangs on each supports the side panels.
11. Gently tap in the lugs and secure with screws.
12. Place the four legs into the sleeves and turn the cabinet onto its legs being careful not to put pressure on any of the legs at an angle. To make the cabinet level and the right height you can adjust each individual leg by twisting the base of the leg.

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