Fine Classic Style Kitchen Cabinetry

Fine Classical Style Kitchen Cabinetry

A kitchen design with a strong classic style, revives the beauty and warmth of the old kitchens cabinetry.
Kitchen furniture, especially an Italian design in natural color and wood, can convey this “old world” feeling.
Although Italian designer kitchen like this not within everyone’s reach, the theme in general and the colors
can be of great inspiration for choosing new furniture, or simply the change in color of the walls and decor are.

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The classic furniture is known for its special antique design, a combination of straight and rounded lines,
some moldings, and the use of natural wood and glass. Many appliance manufacturers among its instruments
with a vintage or antique design that is perfectly suited to this style of cooking products.
This classic style kitchen is ideal for those wishing to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere
in this particular home environment. This is the model as presented by ADI in the “Valley Cinnamon”, delicate lines
and perfect color lacquered finishes bone, but is also available in lighter and darker stains. The birch wood
model provides strong character of wood for the interior.

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