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About Us

We're an online distributor of Ready to Assemble Cabinetry and other remodel / DIY / Home Improvement and Construction Items With multiple distribution partners and nationwide shipping contracts in place, Our business has evolved into much more than a simple service company.

our approach

Our approach has always been to focus on customer satisfaction while delivering true value. By building our reputation of square dealing and on time deliveries, We have been able to outpace our competition in both sales and growth.

our mission

Our mission is to deliver real value to our clients without compromising product quality or customer trust. Market domination is not a priority with us as our philosophy has always been to concentrate on our customer relationships rather than sheer numbers. We will continue to build our base one customer at a time.

our vision

While we do believe in utilizing the power of the Internet and prefer automating our processes to increase customer satisfaction, building results-driven solutions that perform beyond our clients expectations will always be a goal.

What we do

In short, Our business model is geared to helping small contractors and DIYers compete!
Of course the money matters but, we truly enjoy helping people and prefer to focus on
building solid and lasting relationships rather than "this week's" bottom line.

Kitchen Cabinets

We bring ideas to life with perfectly executed designs. Our cabinets, designs, and communications are all focused on our clients wants and needs.

Kitchen Design

Using the best-in-class software, we build websites and apps that perform. With a full team of experienced designers working on cutting-edge solutions.

Kitchen Lighting

So very important when your working in the kitchen. Cutting, chopping and handling hot pans can make you really appreciate good lighting.

Kitchen Plumbing

What would a kitchen be without a faucet? This is truly one item you don't want to skimp on. Dailey use is almost guaranteed so please think upper end.

Kitchen Accessories

What you may see as being just the next gadget in a market saturated with targeted ads.... we can help sift through the junk to show what is functional and useful.

Kitchen Design Consult

Chat with experts online or contact us by email. You can also schedule a time for us to call when ready. We've seen it all.

How we do

A brief explaination of how to get started on your new kitchen cabinets.

Step One

Measure your kitchen ..... here is a useful link to help you collect the correct information. Kitchen Design

Step Two

Select your preferred Door Style...color, profile, raised Panel, flat, applied perimeter.... Cabinet Color Selector Cabinet Cost Estimator

Step 3

Submit the info to us so we can quote your project...please be sure and leave us your contact phone number as we may have some important questions. Cabinet Quotes

Some of our Most Popular Cabinets

Below is just a few of our best selling cabinet lines
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